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You probably like people "dressing" you. That's a doll thing. Your key makes it as easy as possible for people to change your outfits.

It isn't too hard to set this up, but you definitely have to work at it. It's worth it.


When you first put on your key, you probably don't have your #RLV folder set up right. So you can turn off the option to let other people dress you and turn it back on when you are ready. Meanwhile, you can always dress yourself to make sure things are working.

If you have never worked with your #RLV folder, you need to learn about it. Every submissive has to, sooner or later. If you worked on your #RLV folder and don't want to erase things, rename it #RLV1 (or something) and start over with a clean #RLV folder.

Making an #RLV folder. First, check if you already have one. Yes, the hash mark is part of the name. If you don't.... Right click on Inventories at the top and select New Folder. Then find your new folder, which is cleverly called New Folder. Then right click on it, select rename, and rename it #RLV.

Moving outfits into your #RLV folder. The idea is that you have a folder with the name of your outfit, like Blue Doll Dress. Inside the folder is the things you put on for the blue doll dress. Right click on the folder and drag it to your #RLV folder.

You have to clean out the things that aren't outfits. However, your key ignores a folder if the name begins with a period (.), asterisk (*), or tilde (~). So you don't have to clean those out.

Test: You should now see that outfit listed in the options when you click on Dress.

When people click on your outfit, your computer takes off your old outfit and puts on the new one. (Unless the new outfit replaces them, it doesn't take off your hair, skin, shape or eyes. It never takes off your key.) So you have to have a complete outfit. So if one of your folders in your #RLV is just a blouse and people try to put that on you, you will be naked except for that blouse.

Renaming Outfits. If you try to put your outfit on now, you might run into the problem that all folder names have to be less than 24 characters. If they are longer, they are ignored they don't even get mentioned in the menu. This is a good time to rename any folder containing an outfit. Pick a short, meaningful name. Most menus don't even show 24 characters, they do more like 18. If you have more than 18, then the name just gets shortened but the outfit still appears on the menu.

Renaming Attachments. If you tried to put on your outfit now, probably only half of the things went on. There's no problem putting on clothes, but the computer can't put on attachments unless the name of the attachment contains the place where it goes. Sometimes attachments are already labelled correctly, but usually they are not.

Fortunately, renaming might be easy. When you are in RLV on your browser, put the attachments on by yourself. Your computer should automatically rename them the way you want. Problem solved!

Well, almost solved. Some attachments can't be renamed because they are "no modify". Make a new folder inside your outfit folder, then put the unrenamable attachment inside that folder. Then put it on yourself and the computer will automatically rename the folder the right way. (You need a new folder for each unrenamable attachment.)

A limit Your key will make a menu of the first 12 outfits it finds (that have a good name). The rest, if any, are ignored. (If you have more than 12, just rotate them over time by putting a ~ in front of some.)

Something Doesn't Work Right

Occasional Fails. Second Life has lag. That can make occasional problems. Or whatever, if the computer doesn't dress you right. Just correct the problem yourself.

If an outfit consistently has problems, check to make sure everything is set up right. Then just don't use it if it's too much trouble.

Skin, Shape, etc. Your key does not take off skin, shape, or tattoos. It does not take off anything on your skull, because it assumes that is your hair.

If one of your outfits has a new skin and shape, then it will put those on. The problem is getting them off. See advanced options.

No Menu of Outfits. If you click on Dress and don't get any menu at all, you are probably not on RLV. If you get a menu but it just says OK, then either your #RLV folder isn't set up right or the outfits in it have names that the computer ignores.