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Key Options

You have options on your key. Some options are one-way -- you can make the change, but you can't change back. Some options are two way so you can change back and forth.

Exploring is good! If you decide you want to change back, your controller can change you. Or Christina Halpin can. Anyway....

"no detaching"

This choice makes your key a permanent part of you -- it cannot be removed. This is a big and important step. Ideally, a key should be permanent, but this is not practical for many dolls. If you would like hypnosis to help make your key permanent mentally, see one of the dollmakers who does hypnosis. This is of course a one-way choice.

"detach now"

When your key is detachable, the computer thinks it is undetachable. It won't let you take it off in the normal way. This is a computer thing to help in changing outfits. To take it off, just click on options and then select "detach now".

"can dress" and "no dressing"

People should be allowed to choose your outfits. This is probably the most popular feature of your key and your best way to get people to start interacting with your key.

But you have to set up your #RLV folder with outfits in the proper format. That's why there is a "no dressing" option, so people don't try to dress you when your folders aren't set up right.

You always have the option to try to dress yourself. That is so you can test that your #RLV folder is behaving the way it should.

So, when you first get your key, test if the dress option works. It probably doesn't. Set your key to "no dressing" and fix your folders. Then remember to change back to "can dress". This is a two-way choice.

"automatic tp"

If you choose this, when anyone invites you with a teleport you automatically go to them without a choice. This fits the idea that you are owned by SL and so you are available to anyone. And you serve and help everyone. It is also part of "Helpless Dolly".

This is a one-way choice.

"no self tp"

Helpless Dolly! This means you cannot teleport yourself to landmarks or locations. Instead, you need people to teleport you to different locations. Think of it as being carried around. This is a one-way choice. You probably shouldn't try it if you don't have a lot of friends, but this hasn't been explored.

"no flying"

This is a mild part of Helpless Dolly -- you cannot fly. This is a one-way choice.

"pleasure doll" and "not pleasure"

Selecting "pleasure doll" tells your key you are a pleasure doll. Your key then allows anyone carrying you to strip you and use a few more poses on you. It is a two-way option. (If you decide to be a Pleasure Doll for longer than just a while, you should change how you are listed in the Community Dolls group.)

You are stripped in stages. To make this work the way it is supposed to work, you should be wearing a bra and panties under your clothes.

"allow takeover" and "no takeover"

If you have an owner (or Mistress or whatever) at Second Life, you can make them the controller on your key. Select the "allow takeover" option. Then have them pick you up. Then they will have the option to become your controller.

If they decide not to, select "no takeover". This just means that the next person to pick you up won't have the option to become your controller.

The person who controls you can get you out of some problems. Like being collapsed on a private land or undoing some of your one-way options.

Christina Halpin can also act like your controller (safety feature).

"go afk" and "stop afk"

"away from keyboard" means you are logged into Second Life but not paying attention. So if you want to display yourself and then go afk, click on "go afk". You won't run out of time, but you will lose half of your time. And you get a sign above your head saying afk, so people will know.