Last year

Doll Experience Booth

Hypnosis Booth

Helping out at Doll Festival

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A lot of people will come by when they can and offer to help. If you want to do this -- check with Mei, who is running the dances; Andi who is in charge of our "Doll Experience" Booth; or me, Christina.


Mei is doing some advertising. Christina has asked a few people. If you want to help with advertising, just tell people about it.

If you know a place to put up a poster, you can get a poster from the Giving Key in our doll room or IM Christina Halpin.

If you know anyone who wants to exhibit or have a sign or booth, that's free. It has to be doll-related, that's all. They should IM Christina or Macrina. The idea is to have more things for dolls to do during the times when there isn't a dance.


Um, it isn't that hard to judge a doll contest.

Doll Experience

We want a place where people can have a vivid experience of being a doll. Andi is in charge of this, but basically anyone can come by and help. Some ideas


If you want to do an exhibit, that would be great. It's free. It just has to be doll-related. We had around 100 people last year and the Community Dolls group has 500 members.

Doll Hypnosis

There will probably be a booth for dolls who want to be hypnotized, or for anyone who wants to be hypnotized to like dolls. Some ideas