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Community Dolls (the group)

Being a Community Doll

Congratulations. You are now a Windup Doll, dependent on others for life. The Second Life community owns you. Well, when you are wearing the key.

Community Dolls are usually happy and friendly. We love to help, love attention, and have a big heart. And we like to be obedient and cooperative. But every doll is slightly different. (Be your inner doll!)

Your windup key lets people pose you, dress you, and "carry" you. So people have doll-themed control over you. Enjoy! The trade-off with SL is that we are nice and helpful. Give people a good impression, so people are happy to wind your sisters too.

This is also a way for you to be a doll without having an owner, though your key is also owner friendly.

IM Christina Halpin for anything. Community Dolls isn't a new idea any more, but we are still working on it.

Join the Community Dolls group! Then you can find winders if you need winding, share ideas, or just find out what is happening. If you want company, the best place to find us is our home in the Community Doll Room at Sarah's Sanctuary.

Stuff to Know (Read This!)

  • RLV. For everything to work, your browser must be set to RLV. (Or, use the actual Restrained Love Viewer.) Without it, some things will work but others will not.
  • Detaching.To detach your key, click on your key, select Options, then select detach. Your key doesn't detach in the normal way. Sorry! That's an outfits thing.

    You can't detach your key when you are wound down or being carried. That's fair!

    If your key is set to undetachable, then you can't detach it at all. Your controller can (or see Christina).

  • Outfits. Letting people change your outfit ("dress you") is an important part of being a Community Doll. Most people like that control. This key makes it really easy for people to change your outfit. But you have to do work to set things up. Sorry! See Outfits.
  • Limits. Pleasure Dolls are expected to give sex to whoever wants it. If you are not a Pleasure Doll, then sex is up to you -- treat being carried like a normal date.

    Giving a doll pain and serious punishment seem wrong. If you make a mistake, it's okay -- you are just a doll! (Playful punishment seems okay.)

    All dolls are different and dolls have different limits. Find out what limits work best for you.

  • When the person carrying you disappears. They are supposed to set you down. They usually forget. Log out and then log back in, then you will be back to being uncarried.
  • You run out of time in private property. Usually no one can get to you to wind you except the property owner. Try to avoid this. GreigHighland or your controller (or Christina) should be able to teleport you out.
  • Your outfit didn't go on right. If it usually does go on right, the most common reason for failing is lag. Correct the problem yourself -- add what needs to be added, or take off whatever needs to be taken off
  • Help. There are people in the group Community Dolls to help dolls. See Dollmakers and Winders
  • Piece of Plastic. Um, it can be an exciting submissive fantasy to be dehumanized into a piece of plastic. But it probably isn't healthy for you, and most doll users will get tired of that. So try to be an interesting doll.
  • Getting People to Use Your Key. The idea is that people will see your key, click on it, and then dress or wind or pose or carry you.

    Most people don't. Maybe they will some day, if a lot of people know about the key. But right now, most people don't click on the key unless you ask them to. So.....

    If you collapse, people will just walk around you. Try to speak in chat. It will just make those dots, but people will know you are alive and in distress. (If that doesn't work, then IM a friend or ask for help in the group chat.)

    If you are tired of wearing the same outfit, ask someone to change you.

  • Other Stuff. If you have an AO on, your key has to fight with your AO. It should override the Open Collar AO. There isn't much to be done about other AO's. So if posing or collapsing isn't working, try turning off your AO. Sorry! And when someone poses you, your key tries to turn off your AO.

    You should be able to give your key to other people. If you have an old key, you can get a new one from Christina or at our room Sarah's Sanctuary.

    If you find any bugs, contact Christina Halpin. If you need something special, tell her and she might be able to help. We want the collar to work for everyone.

  • We have a room at Sarah's Sanctuary, if you want to look for other Community Dolls, hang out, sleep at night, or whatever.