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HYPNOSIS (Dolls and Doll Fetish

This is all of my thoughts. Sorry it is so long, read what you want .These are some ideas about what dolls are or what they might want.

You can do this because you like being nice. Or you like hypnotizing dolls. Or you want to practice. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

We might be getting people who have never been dolls and want to be dolls. More likely, we will get dolls who want to be better dolls.


People can want to be dolls for very different reasons. So it is probably a good idea to ask beforehand what she wants.

Everyone has a different idea of doll, and maybe every doll has a different inner doll. So it is definitely a good idea to find out what she thinks. But a lot of the time, you won't get much.


Most dolls will be submissive. Some a little, some a lot.

If you like to mix content with trancing, you can start out with her being a doll. Maybe dolls have weaker minds and are easier to hypnotize? Maybe they are eager to please?


You should limit your suggestions to when they are a doll, of course. They might learn things from being a doll that they adopt in RL. But they could also be splitting, being a doll in SL so they can be different in RL.

If someone has never been hypnotized before, maybe we should offer a nontrance. Or whatever you call it when you just use imagery without the sleepy trancy part.


Community Dolls does not in any way support the idea of dolls being plastic and mindless and abusable. That isn't healthy. Also, it isn't practical. Who wants a piece of plastic? We are living dolls.

And giving pain to dolls or wanting to make them suffer also isn't right. It is hard to find any real doll who wants that. Um, we are all nice and helpful.


The Community Doll Key can only be wound by other people. So the doll is dependent on other people for life. Actually, people go through RL thinking they are independent because they have the money to go into the grocery store to buy food. But they have no idea how to grow or produce the food. Or they can buy clothes, but they probably don't know how to make them.

Anyway, it is painfully obvious to windup dolls that we are not independent.

So, being a doll make us explore and experience feeling dependent. We have to learn to ask for help.

We also get to go through life with people being nice to us. People are nice in RL, but a doll's expereince is other people constantly giving us the gift of life. We end up with a doll personality. We are nice and we mostly expect other people to be nice to us.

So there is a theme here of exploring being dependent. Another theme is experiencing kindness, but that probably doesn't work for hypnosis.

The idea of community dolls is that the SL community winds us, so in a sense they own us. Anyway, we try to pay back the SL community with service. Most dolls like the idea of being dressed, being posed, and being displayed. This could be a desire to be liked for our beauty. We don't have to be clever or succeed. We just stand there. I guess there can also be a mindlessness to being posed.

I use the idea of doll hormones. If they have a key, the key is pumping the doll hormones into them. This is actually the starting phrases for a doll now:

  1. You feel a key being put on your back. Imagine that as vividly as you can.
  2. Tendrils from the key are growing into your back. Imagine that as vividly as you can
  3. The tendrils are releasing doll hormones into your body. Imagine that as vividly as you can.
  4. The hormones are relaxing you and making you feel comfortable with being a doll. Imagine that as vividly as you can.
  5. Feel how wonderful it would be to be displayed and everyone just admire you for your beauty.
  6. Feel how wonderful it is to be liked. Everyone wants to be liked. We dolls just feel it more. You now accept that.
  7. You are now dependent on other people for life. Everyone is dependent. We dolls are just much more dependent. We dolls just feel it more. You now accept that.
  8. Tendrils from the key have grown into your body. The key is becoming a part of you. Imagine that as vividly as you can
  9. You are now a living doll. Feel how beautiful you are. You were always beautiful. It is now just more obvious because you are a doll.


Some people will want their key locked on.


Some submissives want to be made mindless. They are probably being self-destructive. Mindless also isn't very practical.

There is also something to be said for mindlessness. Maybe some people get revved up. Anyway, everyone needs a time for their brain to rest. Alcohol and drugs are a bad way of being mindless. TV is a common way, except it takes a lot of energy. Meditation maybe is a way of being mindless too.

There are a few possibilities. One is to make the doll mindless while she is posing.

Another is to give the doll larger and more powerful feelings. These then make thinking more difficult. I think everyone should be able to do this a little, so this is actually a good skill.

Also, being in a trance is a lot like being mindless. Is it possible that someone trances whenever they are posed?


We can also give people a desire to wind dolls, pose dolls, or dress dolls. If they are dominant, maybe even to own dolls?