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Doll Experience Booth

This is all of my thoughts. I am sorry it is so long, just read what you want.

You can try to be a doll by yourself. But it really helps if people treat you like a doll. So the purpose of the Doll Experience Booth is to treat people like dolls. Well, Community Dolls. So they can have that experience.

That means YOU are supposed to be someone who "has" a doll, and you are enjoying your doll. Everyone is precious, and your doll has needs kind of like yours.

Thank you for doing this. You are probably going to help the person be the doll you want to be. That's fine. That means maybe everyone gets a different experience. That's fine. The stuff below is just my ideas and what I do.


  • Put her on a doll stand
  • Pose her
  • Change her outfit. If she doesn't have a key to let you change her, just ask her to change.


You want to make her experience vivid. First, admire her beauty. And, of course, somehow let her know she is being admired for her beauty, even if you have to just tell her that.

Can you help her feel displayed? I usually try to walk around her like I am examining her. That might be hard with lag. I guess you could think of the best place to put a stand if it can be moved.

Even if you don't care what outfit she wears, you can request a type of outfit. Or several different types, part of being a doll is being prepared to please different outfit requests.


When I do this with a doll, I want them to know they are being admired for their beauty. They don't have to be clever, or smart, or successful. They just have dress pretty and let themselves be displayed. So I tell them I am doing that. Maybe every female should have this experience, it is kind of primitive.

Some dolls like to be "mindless" when they are posed. If she does.... she is just being displayed. She can relax and not have any thoughts. I think just give her permission to do this.

Rahvin does a great story with winding the key. The idea here is to give her a demo key. Then you wait for it to wind down? Anyway, you would try to make the experience of being wound vivid. She feels her helplessness. She feels your hands on the key. She feels you turning the key. She feels her insides being wound. She feels life returning to her body.

And of course you can help her feel her dependence on other people.


Maybe some dolls are not submissive. But most people who want to be a doll have some submissiveness. You are not being her Master or Mistress. But for a few minutes, you are being her owner. You can still be polite and respectful. But you have the right to decide where she stands, what she does, and what she wears. Feel that.

"Please put on a different outfit for me" is better than just "please put on a different outfit". Make it personal. The doll is being beautiful FOR YOU, to please you.


We used to hope that everyone who became a Community Doll would stay a Community Doll. But that doesn't happen. So, maybe you are making a permanent doll. But be content to give someone the experience of being a doll. People can learn from it, or just enjoy it. Or just become more sympathetic to dolls. We are doing a good thing.


What if you gave her a demo key and took her for a walk and helped her feel what it is like to have a key on her back and what it is like to ALWAYS have a key on her back. That leads really nicely to her running down (with a demo key).

There is a Sisterhood of dolls. I don't know what we do with that. Probably nothing, they aren't really part of the Sisterhood just be doing a demo.

Take a picture. Give it to her.