Being a Community Doll


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Part-time Community Dolls

Community Dolls (the group)

Outfits (Advanced)

Physical Transformations

The normal thing is that you look the way you look and people are only changing your outfits.

But maybe you have a Barbie look, and it's not just an outfit, it's a skin and a shape and hair. If you list that as an outfit, it will go on perfect. The problem is taking it off and going back to your regular look.

You can put your correct shape and hair and whatever in every other outfit. But that isn't practical if any of those is "no copy". So there is another way.

If you put a plus sign at the start of an outfit name, then it goes on just like normal. But when a new outfit is selected, the computer puts on everything in a folder called ~normalself. So put your normal skin and shape and eyes and hair in a new folder with that name.

To work right, your hair has to be located in the same place in both outfits. If you get two hairs, they probably have different locations.

Transforming Key

This is a variation of the key that needs to be made special for you.

There is a choice of your main menu for "Doll Types", and clicking on that lets people choose what kind of doll you are. There are actually 3 different lists. One list is the choices that everyone has. The second list is the choices you have. Usually that is less, but you might have some doll type that you don't want other people choosing.

The third list is additional choices for one special person. For example, your owner might have the choice to make you a Submissive Doll.

For some dolls, these transformations are real changes in personality. So maybe you will feel like a real dominant when people choose Domme Doll. Some dolls are just going to role play the changes. So they don't really feel any more dominant, but they do role play being dominant.

You could also use doll types just as a convenient way to have a different look. So you could be Porcelain Doll. But there is probably some slightly different personality that goes with Porcelain Doll.

You can have a set of outfits for each doll type. Put a separate folder within your #RLV folder (or wherever you have your regular outfits) for each doll type.

Each of these folders begins with the asterisk sign. (I think your viewer will work okay, but on the simple RLV viewer, you have to put the outfit into the #RLV folder, the do all the stuff you need to do to get objects renamed or in the right folders, and only then move the outfit to the new subfolder.)

Name of types of dolls the name of the folder that goes with them. Outfits for your Regular Doll self are in the normal place, no subfolder. If the doll name is not on this list, then the subfolder is just a star and the name. Like if a choice is "latex", the folder would be *latex.

  • Dollmaker: *Dollmaker
  • Display Doll: *Display
  • Regular Doll: Normal
  • Chatty Cathy: *Chatty
  • Tease Doll: *Sexy
  • Domme Doll"): *Domme
  • Submissive Doll: *sub
  • Slut Doll: *Slut
  • Fashion Doll: *Fashion
  • Japanese Doll: *Japanese
  • Friend Doll: normal
  • Mischievous Doll: *mischievous
  • Porcelain Doll: *porcelain
  • Geisha Doll: *Geisha
  • Builder Doll: *Builder
  • Elegant Doll: *Elegant
  • Sexy Doll: *Sexy
  • Cute Doll: *Cute

If you have ideas for other doll types, contact Christina Halpin. We are still adding to the list.