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Mistreatment Vs. Use

Dolls usually have a pathologically strong desire to be liked. Um, that makes us kind of easy to exploit. But being used is good -- that's what we want. So it isn't easy to draw the line between good and bad. But some things are obviously wrong.

Wrong: Objectification

Some people think that a doll should be a mindless piece of plastic.

But it isn't healthy for you. At all. It isn't very practical. And most doll users do not want a mindless piece of plastic. So, no objectification. (If you want to just role play a piece of plastic in a scene, that's of course completely different.)

I want you to explore being a doll. I want you to be full of life and personality. That's not easy to do, it takes work and experience and exploring. But it's good for you and people will like you more.

Wrong: Sadism

It's sick to be sadistic to even an RL doll. Serious punishment or anything involving pain is wrong.

Punishment as a fun submissive activity is borderline. We are dolls! We do our best! But if you want to allow play punishment, fine.

Wrong: Slavery

We are not slaves. We are not even subs. We are just dolls. We have a pathological need to be liked and get attention. That makes us desperate to please people. So we are usually obedient and cooperative and helpful.

There isn't an obvious line between the two. I guess if you feel like you are being treated like a doll, great.

Good: Being Used

Um, that's the point. People have their needs and they use us. That's what we want. Yay!

Hopefully the people using you also care about you and want you to be happy. Dolls need to be around people like that. If you feel completely exploited and the person has no caring for you, something has probably gone wrong. Safeword, and if that doesn't solve the problem, leave.

We want to be trusting, happy, friendly, and willing to please. We want to live in a world where we do not have to be defensive. So if someone starts making you defensive, you can bail out of the situation.

You can draw lines. Pleasure dolls will even give people sex to please them. You don't have to be a pleasure doll.

You also define yourself as a doll. If someone starts crossing that line, bail. (For example, they insist you be a Barbie and that is not one of their choices.)

Good: Being Called Doll

I love it! They are just reminding us that we are dolls. We are proud to be dolls and proud to be called dolls.

That means we are also toys. We are not robots or machines though.

Okay: Bimboism

Being mindless isn't the most practical thing. But many dolls have a strong attraction to it. And it is doll-themed. So it seems to be okay.